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Birthdate:Mar 8
Location:Maryland, United States of America
Kitten by the name of Dorian. Board Certified Music Therapist. 26 Yrs. gender anarchist. pansexual. Married to the lovely [personal profile] nicanthiel ♥. vocalist. raving musician. mind of an artist. pacifist. pagan. pro-choice. activist. employed. obsessed with the bands sleater-kinney & tegan and sara. obsessed with every joss whedon show ever created. pierced. tattooed X 3. pretty damn awesome.

Disclaimer: I am highly opinionated on a lot of things. I am not afraid to speak my mind or rant. I blow off a lot of steam in this Live Journal. It's often my source of sanity and reality. I am extremely open-minded when it comes to a lot of things, especially sex and relationships. I often talk about controversial topics including politics, religion, marriage equality, and reproductive rights, and I don't take kindly to those who are narrow-minded. If any of this bothers you, then please don't waste your time friending me.

I have a lot of people in my life that love me. Those are the only people whose words matter. If you have a problem with me, fuck off.

Blue here is a shell for you
Inside you'll hear a sigh
A foggy lullaby
There is your song from me

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27 dresses, a beautiful mind, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, amelie, american pie, angel, annie on my mind, art therapy, athens boys choir, australia, avril lavigne, bart yates, beethoven, being in love, blink182, boys don't cry, bring it on, buffy the vampire slayer, but im a cheerleader, catcher in the rye, changeling, chicago, chinese food, clerks, cookie monster, coraline, dance dance revolution, diner, disney, divinity destroyed, dollhouse, donnie darko, dorks, drawing, edward scissorhands, eisley, eminem, enchanted, eurotrip, ever after, family guy, femenists, firefly, flute, gay boys, gay pride, girl, glbt fiction, glbt rights, goo goo dolls, guitar, hard candy, harry potter, hiking, ice cream, imagine me & you, incubus, interrupted, joss whedon, juno, katastrophe, kelly clarkson, kingdom hearts, kisses, kittens, lady gaga, le-tigre, luna, ma vie en rose, magic, martial arts, matilda, mean girls, meowing, metal music, michael thomas ford, michelle branch, milk, mirah, modern art, mulan, music, music therapy, music therapy research, musicals, my first mister, nanny mcphee, nature, new york city, nic, nick and norah’s infinite playlist, nirvana, otep, p!nk, pagans, patti smith, peanut butter, penelope, peter pan, piano, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, practical magic, psychology, punk rock, queer as folk, rainbows, reading, rent, rock n roll, saved!, serenity, shutter island, silence of the lambs, singing, sleater-kinney, snuggles, south park, spells, spuffy, star dust, stardust, stars, system of a down, tattoos, tegan and sara, the beatles, the birdcage, the devil wears prada, the golden compass, the l word, the lord of the rings film trilogy, the murmurs, the night sky, the omen, the pianist, the underworld movies, too wong fu, toy story, transamerica, transgender activism, tummys, uh huh her, watching dvds, whip it, will & grace, writing, yoga
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